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iCVn has patented and implemented the world’s first cash tracking and validation network. The idea was developed by our President, the inventor of Caller ID and Smart Grid technologies. Our proprietary CashTrakker™ software allows for the validation and tracking of currency banknotes, negotiable instruments, wire transfers and prepaid cards using our dynamically updated proprietary databases that reside in a global network.

Our technology provides a powerful tool to combat all cash related crime. Law enforcement and intelligence agencies share valuable information as well as benefit from information received from banks, casinos and retail points of sale. CashTrakker™ allows authorities to “Follow the Money” in ways never before possible.


Greek Police Break Counterfeit Ring
Police in Greece’s second-largest city, the northern port of Thessaloniki, said they arrested three men and a woman involved in currency counterfeiting, plus the owner of the printing shop they sublet to work at night...Read more

BI, police destroyed Rp 24 billion fake money
Indonesia's central bank, Bank Indonesia (BI), and the National Police destroyed 367,049 units of counterfeit money worth Rp 24 billion (approximately US$2.8 million)...Read more

Counterfeit Dollars Flooding Afghanistan
Money-exchange dealers in Kabul say they are concerned by the large amounts of counterfeit foreign money that they say is entering Afghanistan from neighboring countries...Read more

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